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A/C System Build/InstallationIn the construction of new homes and businesses, one of the key areas that are often overlooked is the AC system installation, or the HVAC system, that not only will provide adequate temperature control but is optimal. Installation of a new HVAC system during initial construction is not only the smartest time to do it, but it is also the cheapest time. At My Father’s Mechanical in San Antonio, TX, we are the experts at planning, building, and installing custom HVAC and comfort systems in new construction. We’d be thrilled to work with any new home builder or owner.

AC System Build San Antonio, TX

When your new home or business’ builder is considering the HVAC system installation, they often use minimal builds designed to meet specific benchmarks required for energy credits or rebates. These systems are absolutely serviceable and will generally keep the structure comfortable, My Father’s Mechanical feels there is a better way. As your new building is being constructed, we can work with your contractor and home builder to design a custom HVAC unit that will optimally heat and cool every area of your structure. Often, “cookie-cutter” HVAC builds will leave “hot spots” in your home’s airflow or certain areas that seem hotter or colder than the rest of the structure. With a custom AC system builds from My Father’s Mechanical, you know your home or business will be comfortable throughout.

AC System Installation San Antonio, TX

My Father’s Mechanical has the San Antonio market cornered when it comes to new construction, custom-designed HVAC systems. We will work with you on every aspect of a custom-designed HVAC system, from control panel placement to unit location and even ductwork; we can help you make sure your new construction’s HVAC is perfectly tuned and ready to go. We also can help with air purification, dehumidifiers, and even a disinfection system using UV lights. Your new home or business’ comfort is top-of-mind for us, and we are happy to walk you through the design and installation process, from the first handshake to switching the system on for the first time.

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If you’ve got some new construction in your future, don’t leave the structure’s HVAC system up to the whims of the general contractor or homebuilder. Instead, call in San Antonio’s most trusted AC service and repair technicians, My Father’s Mechanical. We can work with you to ensure your new structure’s HVAC is perfectly designed to be running at maximum efficiency. Make an appointment with My Father’s Mechanical today, and let us show you what we can do.

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